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C’est une plante aromatique que nous connaissons bien en France, puisqu’elle parfume nombre de nos plats ! Elle est incontournable dans le bouquet garni dans lequel on l’associe au laurier et au persil. Le thym donne un parfum incomparable aux légumes du sud (tomate, aubergine, courgette) ainsi qu'aux volailles, aux poissons, aux gibiers et à l'agneau.

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It is an aromatic plant that we know well in France, since it perfumes many of our dishes! It is a must in the bouquet garni in which it is associated with laurel and parsley. She then enters the preparation of stew, stews and other casseroles, as well as soups. Thyme gives an incomparable fragrance to southern vegetables (tomato, eggplant, zucchini) as well as poultry, fish, game and lamb.

You can also combine it with sweet recipes, such as fruit-based desserts (crumble, fruit pies) or jams. Finally, our gourmet favorite: hot toast of honey goat, sprinkled with thyme ... Hum ...

Beyond its taste qualities, thyme is also known for its powerful antiseptic virtues. It has natural tonic effects and promotes digestion. For this purpose, it can be consumed as an infusion, or a decoction for example, with a little honey.

In order to exhale the flavors of this herb, crush it lightly between your fingers.

Origin: Tunisia

Ingredients: 100% Thyme.

The small +: In order to exhale the flavors of this herb, crush it slightly between the fingers.


Its name comes from the Greek "thumon" which means "offering that one burns" or "perfume".

Thyme is consumed for its therapeutic and aromatic properties since ancient times.

Legend has it that tears were created by the beautiful Helen, Queen of Sparta. Removed by Paris, these tears made the famous grass grow on the way.

It is a very symbolic herb, a sign of love, of fidelity but also of strength and protection. We used to hang on the doors on Saint John's Day, in order to protect the household.

In the South, they were planting in front of the gates to stop the demons.

The herb was an integral part of the funerary ceremonies of the Egyptians, and Greek religious ceremonies. They also used it to perfume their baths.

It is the Romans who spread the plant throughout Europe. They used it a lot, especially as a perfume and cosmetic in general.

In the Middle Ages, the bourgeoisie hooked a branch of thyme to their clothes, in order to repel odors, microbes and other bacteria from the people.

It was also the emblem of the crusaders who sported the branch of thyme surrounded by bees on their tunics.

It is an ingredient often found in most recipes of love potions!


In general, use thyme in all Provencal cuisine (ratatouille, tians, salads niçoises ...). This is one of the ingredients of the famous bouquet garni.

It has a lemony aftertaste which gives pep and freshness to your kitchen.

Although its use extends to all dishes, thyme goes perfectly with tomato (fresh, cooked, dried tomatoes, etc.), with vegetables, grilled and goat cheese.

Use it in all your stews and marinades (fish marinades, white meats, or game). In Creole cuisine, we combine it with garlic and onion to create sauces bases.

Thyme is perfect for flavoring your casseroles: stew, stew, Bäckeoffe, veal blanquette, carbonnades and other tajines.

Use it to scent your olive oils or vinegars!

Combine thyme with your deli meats (rillettes, ham, bacon, etc.).

Surprisingly, we can also use thyme in desserts, sutout the fruity desserts: jams, pies, muffins, sherbet, fruit salad, etc.

Thyme is found in many spice blends: Provence herbs, zahtar or Egyptian Dukka.


Here are some good reasons, in addition to its taste properties, to buy thyme. This aromatic herb is a great source of health benefits!

It is first and foremost a powerful broad-spectrum anti-infective, an excellent immune and circulatory stimulant. Everyone has already tasted the infusion of lemon thyme sweet honey in case of sore throat or cold, thank you expectorant virtues!

Moreover, it is also used in the treatment of asthma.

It is also a stimulant with tonic properties, ideal in case of fatigue or overwork. Use it in case of stress and anxiety.

Like most spices and aromatic herbs, thyme is an excellent digestive, ideal after a hearty meal.

Among the benefits of thyme include its antifungal (fungal), antiviral, antibacterial, antivirus, cardiotonic, analgesic (effective against rheumatism, sciatica and osteoarthritis pain).

Thyme has purifying virtues for the skin, a beauty ally!

Thyme infusions are effective against all respiratory infections and to purify the liver.

It relieves stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.

It is a muscle relaxant, a bath infused with thyme will be very effective in case of muscle pain.

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