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Ras el Hanout

Ras el Hanout


Chaud et parfumé, ce mélange est peut piquant.
Le ras el hanout rouge est un assaisonnement typique d’Afrique du nord de plusieurs types de plats orientaux.

Il agrémente parfaitement les tajines, couscous, gibiers et autres ragoûts. Il sert également à parfumer les plats à base de riz mais aussi les légumes et les poissons.

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Hot and fragrant, this mixture is more pungent than the ras el hanout yellow.

Ras el hanout red is a typical North African seasoning of several types of oriental dishes.


It is perfect for tajines, couscous, game and other stews. It is also used to flavor dishes made from rice, but also vegetables and fish.


Origin: Morocco


Ingredients: Sweet pepper, coriander, rice flour, turmeric, hot pepper, fenugreek, fennel, garlic, salt.


The small +: Literally, "ras el hanout" means "the head of the grocery store"


The raz-el-hanout is traditionally composed of 9 spices. However it can be composed of more than 50 different spices.

There are also simplified ras el hanout blends, containing less than 9 spices, especially in supermarkets.


Ras el Hanout literally means in Arabic "the head of the grocery store" because this blend is a flagship product of Arab grocery stores, it is a mixture of spices used throughout the Maghreb cuisine.

The mixture varies by region.

Tradition has it that each mixture contains a so-called aphrodisiac spice.


Ras el hanout is used in the preparation of tajine, but is also used for couscous.

It is the spice of Eid el Kebir, Mrouzia, certain winter dishes that have the property of giving hot. In Tunisia, for Eid-el-fitr (end of Ramadan) and for mourning, it is often associated with the powder molokheya to make the dish of the same name.

He always goes into game cooking.

Ras el hanout is used to flavor tajines, couscous, rice dishes but also vegetables, crustaceans, white meat and fish in Tunisian, Moroccan or Algerian cuisine.

It is, vulgarly, the curry of the Maghreb, it can as such be sprinkled everywhere without risk of being wrong!

The regulars of this mixture also make use of it in desserts, especially with fruits.


Here are some good reasons, in addition to its taste properties.

Here is a good reason, in addition to its taste properties, to buy ras el hanout. This mixture has many properties due to the spices that compose it.

To know its virtues for health, refer to the properties of the spices that compose it.


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